Welcome to Our International Spring School

Digital Mnemonics in Slavonic Studies

held by the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and Passau

23rd March 2013 – 30th March 2013

in Freising, Germany

funded by Volkswagen Foundation


By the end of March we successfully completed our Spring School Digital Mnemonics in Slavonic Studies: Our participants have been focusing on online representation(s) of Stepan Bandera, Ratko Mladić, Russia’s new Cold War narrative, the protest movement against Vladimir Putin, and the Stalin revival. Besides describing and analysing five 20th century memory sites, research was directed towards the question, which combinations of quantitative and qualitative methods are most productive when investigating the chosen segment of online memory. They were supported in their research by our visiting lecturers from the UK, and the Netherlands, Dr. Galina Nikiporets, Dr. Julie Fedor and Prof. Ellen Rutten, and supervised by Prof. Alexander Etkind, Dr. Polly Jones, and Prof. Dirk Uffelmann.

The findings of the Spring School were published in a special issue (No. 12, 2014) of the online journal “Digital Icons“.


We would like to thank the German Volkswagen Foundation for the generous funding of our project, the University of Passau for all administrative support while organising the Spring School, and the Kardinal-Döpfner-Haus for their hospitality!


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